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WJ eTrade Canvas Tarps Tarpaulin 10 OZ Heavy Duty Water Resistant Cover for Car Tractor Boat Firewood Woodpile Camping Tent


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  • Rust-resistant aluminum grommets
  • Four double stitched hemmed edges
  • Could be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Double coated, waterproof, isolated


Product description:

arps are especially strong and flexible due to the high density woven upper layer and the weather-resistant low density reinforced laminate backing. Tarps are lightweight and easy to use, yet superior to other tarpaulins due to their multi-layered structure and cross-laminated membrane.

10oz heavy-duty canvas material, water-resistant, anti-UV. The grommets are distributed every 2 feet on four sides of the tarp to allow you to reinforce the tarpaulin. water resistance canvas, Covered on both sides, windproof, rainproof, anti-U-ray, keep garden furniture dry.  Tarps are backed by rustproof aluminum eyelets in the corners and every 20" along the hem. 

Hems and seams are welded and sewed with a poly rope to ensure strength and superior quality. Use tarp anywhere; they are waterproof, shrink-proof and colorfast making them efficient in any climate.